A turn-key approach

Today, solar power in America is growing rapidly, and poised to grow explosively. Advances in technology, manufacturing and financing are bringing us to the cusp of a solar revolution in America.

Land Acquisition

We typically purchase land to support our solar farms, rather than leasing.

Allco Buys Land

If you own land that you think might be suitable for a solar farm, please contact us by filling out our contact form!


Our experienced team can take a solar project through the full entitlement process.

We Have Expreience

We’ve worked in some of the most difficult land use permitting climates in the country.

Design Engineering

We engineer the civil design of our solar farms internally, from the ground up.

We Think Differently

Every site is unique, which requires creativity and flexibility. We welcome a challenge.


We self-finance the procurement of all equipment for each solar farm.


We procure all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer. This eliminates middle man markups and ultimately lowers our cost of energy.

What We Do

Our business model allows us the flexibility to develop and operate solar farms in nearly every market in the United States and no structure is too complicated. Although our typical business model is selling power to utilities under long term power purchase agreements, we are interested in selling power to all types of customers, including businesses, governments and non-profits. We will also consider utilizing our buying power and expertise under a build-transfer model.